How to wash the car from the outside

  1. Choose well where to do the cleaning. It is important to have shade, because in the heat the car dries fast and this can cause stains on bodywork. Ideally a garage. Remember to close the windows tightly and pull the windshield vanes forward. Remove the rugs and start with them, washing with brush, water and soap, because when they finish the rest they will already be dry.
  2. Separate the materials so you don't have to go after what is missing. Two buckets, best car wash soap, wheel and tire brushes, sponges and drying cloths. Oh, avoid synthetics, as they can damage the paint. Choose the microfiber or cotton cloth.
  3. Pour water with hose, without too much pressure not to damage the paint. Then pass the sponge with the detergent and water mixture. Wash the car by parts, always starting from top to bottom. When you finish a piece of hood or a door, for example, rinse the foam and always remember to keep the bodywork wet.
  4. The thickest dirt is always on the underside of the bodywork and on the wheels. Use brush to clean the wheels and also to clean the tires. Use the hose to clean the car floor from different angles, such as the wheel box.

Dry the bodywork with clean towels (cotton or microfiber). To clean the interior is ideal a vacuum cleaner (g). Don't forget the nooks and make sure the rugs are completely dry before putting them back (h).

Automotive cleaning of glass and special materials

For surfaces made of special materials, special care is required when washing the car. For black piano finishes, Amorim recommends the application of automotive wax, the same type used in bodywork. The substance will protect the pieces as the black piano scratches easily.

For car windows there is not much secret. Use material-specific cleaning products, such as those used on home windows. The important thing is not to forget the windows and windshield, as they must preserve the driver's visibility.

For automotive sanitization with metal details such as chrome, the ideal is to use metal polisher, letting it rest for a while and then polishing the surface with a microfiber flannel. Wood finishes are varnished, and only require a layer of wax after surface cleaning with a flannel.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Lastly, a thorough automotive sanitation should also include air conditioning. The cooling system accumulates waste and dust mites, and can become a respiratory health hazard, especially for allergic people.

The first step is to replace the cabin filter frequently at least once a year. It serves to purify the air that passes through the circulation system, and is where debris will accumulate.

However, it is also possible to do the service at home . Specialized stores sell special aerosol tubing for cleaning the air conditioner. It costs on average $ 30. Read the instructions on the back of the product, but the application is generally the same: leave the engine running and the air conditioner running, close the windows and turn off the recirculation, and apply the product in the air intake grid.

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